Presbytery of South Louisiana 

The New Orleans YAV Program is a mission of the Presbytery of South Louisiana.  Below is the list of our partners for the 2020-2021 YAV year

Okra Abbey 

The Okra Abbey is one of the PCUSA's new 1001 Worshiping Communities.  It is a worshiping community in a Community Garden. As a YAV  you will commit your time and talents in hopes that the food produced and the sacred space created in the garden will provide both physical and spiritual nourishment to the local community - especially those who are hungry and in need. 

*This Site placement is supported by the Saint Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church. 

“All of these things – growing food, sharing meals and helping others in need – contribute to building healthy relationships with people. I know that if I take nothing else away from my time as a YAV in New Orleans, I will cherish the relationships that were formed." -Vincent Grossi 


YMCA YES! is an Adult education and tutoring program. YAVs work as Adult Literacy Tutors who are responsible for providing small group and one-on-one classes in math, reading, and language mechanics. YAVs learn how to do lesson planning for his or her own students under the supervision of the head instructor.

“My students have walked through hardships that I cannot fathom and end up on the other side; I frequently question why such wonderful, dedicated students are given such hard tasks in life. It made me question so much in my year in New Orleans because I see poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and the aftereffects of incarceration everyday. However, as I have progressed, I think I have grown to see that my students are so much stronger than I think I will ever be. They have pushed my comfort level, they have opened my eyes to the injustice in the world, and they show me everyday why teaching is my passion.” -Jocelyn Kirk- 

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Catholic Charities
Project Ishmael

New Partner 2019-2020!

Project Ishmael is a pro bono immigration legal program located in First Grace UMC.

Mid City Ministries 

Mid-City Ministries is an after school tutoring program. Their mission is to form long-term relationships with underserved children, teens, and their families in the mid-city community. Mid City Ministries provides specific services which assist the academic, social, emotional and spiritual development of their students. Mid City's ultimate vision is for their students to grow into adults equipped for a positive future and motivated to use their gifts to serve a larger community.

“At MidCity Ministries I have come to love working with the children, especially the youngest kids. I have tutored kids. I have developed lesson plans for all ages. I have filled in as a supervisor of the entire tutoring program. I have come home exhausted from putting up with unruly middle-schoolers. I have loved all of it.” -John Kupar 

Lakeview Presbyterian Church 

Lakeview Presbyterian Church is a growing congregation with a focus on Mission in the city of New Orleans. The purpose of this YAV Placement is to assist the congregation in having  consistent  “hand’s-on” mission experiences for the members of the Lakeview congregation, and to coordinate programming for all mission groups participating in Lakeview’s L.A.M.P. Program. LAMP is a mission of Lakeview that hosts short-term mission groups. 

"I organize events for church members and create opportunities for members to experience mission and new parts of New Orleans. I also get to meet with partner organizations all over the city . Lakeview has provided a great space for learning about New Orleans and Volunteer Coordination."-Haley Ingram 

Eden House 

Eden House offers a 2 year residential program to adult female victims of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation by offering holistic care to each woman.  The Goal of Eden House is for each woman to be an empowered self-sustaining individual equipped with the necessary tools to contribute to the New Orleans Community and to achieve economic and emotional independence. The YAV Placed with Eden House is a integral member of the team 

"I am learning about how to work with victims of trauma and the issues that usually arise with trauma, such as addiction, mental illness, and homelessness. There is no better place than Eden House to learn about the tragedy that is human trafficking, and the sadness that surrounds its victims." -Courtney Lauver