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New Orleans, Louisiana at Jackson Square.
In New Orleans YAVs seek God in the city's tension of sorrow and celebration 
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What we are about

The YAV Program is the Presbyterian Church's (USA) service Corp, and we are the New Orleans Corp. To be a Young Adult Volunteer in New Orleans is to seek God and be transformed in one of the most unique cities in the world.  In New Orleans you will cry with and serve your neighbors who grieve the effects of Hurricane Katrina, poverty, violence, and a broken education system.  You will also joyfully dance in the streets with those same neighbors at Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, or a passing Second Line.  The YAV program in New Orleans offers many opportunities for you to engage the city on many different levels and to seek God in the tension of sorrow and celebration.

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Intentional Community 

The YAVs live together in one house and live as an intentional community in which they pray, learn, and process their experience together.  Within this small community the YAVs practice their communication skills, and risk tough questions with the purpose of learning how to connect deeper with the larger community of New Orleans.


The underlying missiology of  The New Orleans YAV site is that God is very much present in the world and we encourage  YAVs to see this in their daily lives in New Orleans. We do not expect the YAVs to “bring the light of the gospel” to the New Orleans, rather we are expecting the YAVs to discover the “light of the gospel” that is found in and throughout this city- and when discovering this light experience transformation which will prepare them for a life of service.  A year of service for a Lifetime of Change. 


The New Orleans YAV site exists because of our many partners. New Orleans is a historic city with many  systems deeply woven into its fabric.  The NOLA YAV program is continually looking to deepen our roots within New Orleans.  This is done by forging partnerships with Local New Orleans people and organizations who are working toward a more just city. We strive to partner with local organization whose mission is to break up the systemic oppression that is very much a part of this historic city.   YAVs work 35-40 hrs a week at one of our Partner Placements.     

A Year of Service for a Lifetime of Change

Application are now open for the 2022-2023 YAV Year!

Follow the link to learn more and begin your application.

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